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Multi-Value Databases

What are Multi-Value databases?

They are flexible, efficient databases that are optimised for real-world data storage and queries.

There are a number of databases that all use a similar data model, along with broadly similar programming and query languages. Databases in this family include:


This site gives particular emphasis to OpenQM . OpenQM is a lightweight (~11 MB download) database offering high performance, unique features, bundled software, and a low price.

This site has two books on the OpenQM database available for download (no cost, no registration - just send a message of thanks if you find these useful).

These books aim to answer the frequently asked questions:

Getting Started in OpenQM - Part 1 (A4,Letter) outlines how to install the OpenQM database, how to create data files and dictionary files to describe the data, and how to query the database.

Getting Started in OpenQM - Part 2 shows how to write programs using the inbuilt programming language, and how to create a GUI application using the AccuTerm terminal emulator.

While these books have been written primarily for the OpenQM database, given the similarity between the above database products, you could use these books to learn any of the above databases - particularly UniVerse (as OpenQM is very similar to UniVerse).


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Multi-value Resources

There are a variety of multi-value resources on the Links page. These resources include: