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Software shown on this page is largely free of charge. However, note that the licence provisions of some of this software make it free for personal use only. It is up to you to ensure that you remain within the licence provisions.

Rush Flat Software

The OpenQM Appliance

This has now been withdrawn. The combination of Slitaz Linux and OpenQM really wasn't stable enough. Instead, we've put the OpenQM installation files on this site. See below in the section "Installing OpenQM on Ubuntu Linux".

Getting Started in OpenQM: Part 1 (3.2 Mb) A4 Letter

Now at Version 2.0! This is a guide to installing, configuring, and using an OpenQM database. The bulk of the document covers the use of QMQuery, and how to create dictionary items to allow the queries to run. This guide will be invaluable to those just starting in the world of multi-value databases - even if they are not using OpenQM!

Version 2.0 has been significantly updated. All examples have been refreshed. It now includes coverage of using QMBasic subroutines from QMQuery; using alternate key indices; and creating cross-tab reports. Now available in A4 and Letter paper sizes.

Getting Started in OpenQM: Part 2 (1.9 Mb)

The real power of multi-value databases comes from being able to write programs to access and manipulate the database. This books steps you through creating an application (using the database files created in Part 1 of Getting Started in OpenQM) in the AccuTerm GUI environment. Once again, this will be useful to beginners in any of the multi-value environments, and also for learning the AccuTerm GUI environment.

Installing OpenQM (GPL) on Ubuntu Linux

To assist users unfamiliar with Linux, we've put together some notes on installing the GPL version of OpenQM on Ubuntu. These notes have now been updated for the 12.10 release of Ubuntu, with some changes that reflect the changing architecture of Linux.

The following files are used in this installation process:

OpenQM (GPL) source (patched)

OpenQM Help files

OpenQM Documentation

Building an HTPC

Have you ever thought about building a Home Theatre PC (HTPC)? This is a short document outlining my thoughts on this project. A bit out of date now (technology has moved on), but still has useful pointers. A follow-up article on the build process might materialise one day!

SysCtrl v1.10

This is a control account. The main purpose of this account is to provide (a) the same set of utilities across multiple terminal emulators within a multi-value environment; and (b) the same set of utilities across multiple multi-value environments. Documentation for the account is available here . Pre-built accounts are available for mvBASE , OpenQM , and UniVerse .

A key program within the SysCtrl account is IA.Reformat. The program takes the output from an Info/Access query and converts it to a graphical display. Supported output types are Spreadsheet (Excel or Open Office), HTML, and RPV Reports. See Screenshots for examples.

This version includes utilities that allow you to move accounts between multi-value databases - for example, from mvBASE or UniVerse to OpenQM. Supported databases are mvBASE, UniVerse, and OpenQM.

Links to Other Software

Multi-value Software


This is a free development environment for the GPL version of OpenQM. This is also released under the terms of the GPL.


This is a development tool for use with UniVerse, UniData, or OpenQM. This appears to be an advanced editor (Windows only) for multi-value BASIC programs and dictionaries.

Office Software

Libre Office

This is a free full featured alternative to Microsoft Office. Beware, this is a large download. If you have a slow internet connection, order the CD, find a copy on a magazine cover CD, or purchase a copy at your local computer store.

Foxit PDF Reader

Are you tired of how long Acrobat Reader takes to load? Here's a lightweight PDF reader - quick to download, lightning fast to load. Why bother with Adobe?

Internet Software

Mozilla Firefox

A free web browser that doesn't have all the security problems associated with Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Thunderbird

A free email client that doesn't have all the security problems associated with Outlook Express. When coupled with the Lightning add-on, this makes a reasonable replacement for Outlook.


A free FTP client for uploading your web pages to your web server.

Programming and Web Development Software

PS Pad Editor

A programmer's text editor with customisable syntax highlighting. It comes with syntax files for a wide variety of languages.

Database Software


OpenQM is a multi-value database environment similar to UniVerse. Personal versions are available for both linux and Windows. The personal license contains a number of restrictions - none of them onerous.


An open source lightweight SQL database that can be used stand-alone or embedded in other applications. SQLite is not fully compliant with SQL92, but is useful for small scale, low concurrency applications. SQLite is unusual in that it does NOT enforce typing of data - for example, string data may be entered into numeric fields and vice-versa.

Graphics Software


An image viewing program. Also useful for changing formats of graphic images, and minor image manipulation.